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Dr. Katherine Woolley

Senior Researcher


About Me

Senior Researcher

Katherine has a BSc in Environmental Geoscience (Cardiff University), Master’s in Public Health (Cardiff University) and a PhD in Applied Health Research (University of Birmingham), with a focus on environmental epidemiology and the development and evaluation of complex interventions. She is interested in developing, understanding and evaluating effective and equitable solution to current health and social care issues. While at Public Health Wales, Katherine undertook a rapid scoping review for the World Health Organization on digital health equity in Europe. Furthermore, Katherine has a wealth of multi-disciplinary experience in quantitative and qualitative research methods from her PhD titled “Informing effective public health interventions to household air pollution in urban Rwanda”, using both secondary and primary data; and undertaking remote data collection in a challenging research setting.

Katherine has over 14 peer-reviewed publications. A full list can be found here:

Selected publications include:

  • Woolley K.E., et al., (2023) Mapping Inequities in Digital Health Technology Within the World Health Organization's European Region Using PROGRESS PLUS: Scoping Review. J Med Internet Res.
  • Woolley, K.E., Bartington, S.E., Pope, F.D., Greenfield, S.M., Jowett, S., Muhizi, A., Maugabe, C., Ashishakiye, O., Thomas, G.N. and Kabera, T. (2022) Domestic fuel affordability and accessibility in urban Rwanda; policy lessons in a time of crisis? Energy for Sustainable Development.
  • Woolley, K.E., Bartington, S.E., Pope., F.D., Greenfield, S.M., Tusting, L.S., Price, M.J. and Thomas., G.N. (2022) Cooking outdoors or with cleaner fuels does not increase malarial risk in children under 5 years: a cross-sectional study of 17 sub-Saharan African countries. Malaria Journal.
  • Woolley, K.E., Thomas, G.N., Kirenga, B., Okello, G., Kabera, T., Lao, X-Q., Pope, F.D., Greenfield, S.M., Price, M.J. and Bartington, S.E. (2022) Association of household cooking location behaviour with acute respiratory infections among children aged under five years; a cross sectional analysis of 30 Sub-Saharan African Demographic and Health Surveys. Atmospheric Environment.
  • Woolley, K.E., Dickinson-Craig, E., Lawson., H.L., Sheikh, J., Day, R., Pop, F.D., Greenfield, S.M., Bartington, S.E., Warburton, D., Manaseki-Holland, S., rice, M.J., Moore, D.J. and Thomas, G.N. (2022). Effectiveness of interventions to reduce household air pollution from solid biomass fuels and improve maternal and child health outcomes in low- and middle-income countries: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Indoor Air.
  • Woolley, K.E., Bartington, S.E., Thomas, G.N., Pope, F.D., Muhizi, A., Maugabe, C., Ahishakiye, O., Kabera, T. and Greenfield, S.M. Women’s Perceptions and Attitudes to Household Air Pollution Exposure and Capability to Change Cooking Behaviours in Urban Rwanda. Sustainability.
  • Woolley, K.E., Bartington, S.E., Pope, F.D., Prince, M.J., Thomas, G.N and Kabera, T. (2020). Biomass cooking carbon monoxide levels in commercial canteens in Kigali, Rwanda. Archives of Environmental and occupational Health.