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Dr. Judith White

Principal Researcher (Research Lead)

Cardiff & Vale University Health Board

Heath Park


About Me

Principal Researcher (Research Lead)

Judith has a BSc (Hons) in Genetics (Cardiff University) and a PhD in Molecular Microbiology (Cardiff University) and is an Honorary Research Fellow at Cardiff University (Biomedical Engineering Research Group). Judith has previously worked in academic laboratories using cutting-edge molecular techniques in the areas of molecular microbiology and cardiac protein biochemistry. Having been in CEDAR since 2010, Judith has expertise in clinical trial methodology, management, and analysis. She now manages CEDAR's portfolio of research studies and is the head of the CEDAR Research Management Group. Judith secured funding based on her protocol for the HEAT and MIST randomised controlled trials. Judith lectures to undergraduate students in study design and protocol development. She is trained in Good Clinical Practice and the regulatory aspects of medical device trials and has a thorough understanding of the research governance framework for managing research studies. Judith was awarded a Staff Recognition Award in the category of R&D.

Judith has undertaken formal training in Systematic Reviewing methodologies, and has applied this in carrying out a full SR for the SIRT CtE study and several Assessment Reports for NICE. Judith is a PRINCE2 practitioner, with experience in project management of complex projects spanning short and long time spans. Judith oversaw the health economics evaluation for the SIRT CtE project during which a full cost-effectiveness model was constructed. She carried out a cost-consequence model for the Health Foundation –funded Cardiff Shine project. Judith as carried out training sessions for clinicians and managers in how to carry out a cost model and create a business case for moving procedures from theatres to outpatient settings.

Publication list

Reeves N, White J, Bird S, Shinkwin M, Cornish J, Torkington J. (2021) Warmed and humidified insufflation to prevent perioperative hypothermia and improve quality of recovery in elective laparoscopic colorectal resection patients: A feasibility, triple blind randomised controlled trial. Accepted for publication in Colorectal Disease.

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Ryczek, E., White, J., & Carolan‐Rees, G. (2020). Implementation of high‐throughput non‐invasive prenatal testing for fetal RHD genotype testing in England: Results of a cross‐sectional survey of maternity units and expert interviews. Transfusion Medicine, 30(4), 287-294.

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