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Testing of the National PROMs Platform's Scoring Algorithms

PROMs are questionnaires consisting of a series of multiple-choice questions, which can be aggregated into summary scores (or scales), usually in the form of Likert scales or summated rating scales. Converting PROM responses into summary scores can be achieved by following published methodology. The National PROMs Platform (NPP) developed by Digital Health and Care Wales (DHCW) implement these algorithms to automatically and instantaneously produce summary scores for use in the Welsh Clinical Portal and stored in the Data Warehouse. On behalf of DHCW and WVIHC, Cedar test these scores to ensure they are correct in two stages.

  1. Implement our own scoring algorithm scripts to independently calculate summary scores, and recommend NPP algorithm changes if issues are detected.
  2. Once issues with NPP algorithms are resolved, Cedar design test cases to further test these algorithms. Test cases include all scoring scenarios (min/max values, missing answers, partially completed forms etc) so that algorithms are rigorously tested. Once designed, test cases are passed to the WVIHC’s Implementation Team for testing.