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CEDAR's awards and publications (ViH)

We believe it is important to share learning – including both positive and negative,  to allow others to learn from our experiences and so that colleagues can understand the work being supported by CEDAR and the Welsh Value in Health Centre. We have led a number of peer reviewed publications and conference presentations, and regularly engage with clinical teams across Wales who wish to present their work by providing advice and support in developing conference submissions.

CEDAR's awards for Value in Health 

NHS Wales PROMs, PREMs and Effectiveness Programme: innovating to improve care. Best HealthTech Solution for Patient Safety. Patient Safety Awards 2019. Shortlisted (Date of Awards 2nd July 2019).

PROMs, PREMs & Effectiveness Programme. Standardising Collection of Patient Reported Experience Measures in Wales. Measuring, Reporting and Acting, Patient Experience Network National Awards Runners up 2018.

CEDAR's publications  for Value in Health

O'Connell, S., Palmer, R., Withers, K., Saha, N., Puntoni, S., Carolan-Rees, C. (2018). Requirements for the collection of electronic PROMs either "in clinic" or "at home" as part of the PROMs, PREMs and Effectiveness Programme (PPEP) in Wales: a feasibility study using a generic PROM tool. Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 4, 90.

Palmer RI, Withers KL, Willacott A, Carolan-Rees G. (2020) Gwella gwasanaethau gofal iechyd â chymorth cleifion: Casglu PROMs a PREMs ledled Cymru - Improving healthcare services with patients’ help: Collecting PROMs and PREMs throughout Wales. Gwerddon, 30, 40-67.

Withers K, Puntoni S, O’Connell S, Palmer R, Carolan-Rees G. (2018) Standardising the Collection of Patient Reported Experience Measures to Facilitate Service Improvement. Patient Experience Journal 5(3) pp 16-24l.

Withers, K., Palmer, R., Lewis, S., Carolan-Rees, G.(2020) First steps in PROMs and PREMs collection in Wales as part of the prudent and value-based healthcare agendaQuality of Life Research, 1-14.

Withers K, Palmer R, Lewis S; Carolan-Rees G. (2021) PROMs and PREMs collection in Wales as part of the Prudent and Value Based Healthcare agenda: Improving service provision and patient experience. Quality of Life Research. Under Review.