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Cortisol monitoring device

Researchers at Bristol Medical School are currently developing a continuous cortisol monitoring device which measures cortisol levels in real time. The system consists of:

  • a small microdialysis probe that is inserted just under the skin
  • a thin tube connecting the probe to the sensor unit
  • a hand held, ambulatory sensor unit that collects the samples and senses cortisol levels
  • a display tablet real time, pulsatile, cortisol levels, connected via Bluetooth

The unit can be worn by a patient for up to 48 hours, with readings available after an initial 20 minutes stabilisation. The microdialysis technique means that no blood samples are required, avoiding blood loss and the time and resource for taking blood tests. The patient can continue normal activities during the monitoring process.

CEDAR looked at how clinicians in different areas view the potential of this device and the NHS pathway changes that it was associated with, and the consequent health economic implications.