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What is PROMISE?

  • Pressure Reduction through Continuous Monitoring in the Community Setting
  • Many people with high levels of frailty and underlying health conditions develop pressure ulcers and these can be difficult to manage in community settings without access to specialist support.
  • The PROMISE project rolls out the use of mattress and chair sensors in patient’s homes, which continuously measure and record the patient’s body surface pressures
  • The chairs and mattresses are linked to a computer which displays the interface pressures in real time and visually identifies the areas of the body under sustained pressure
  • This helps the patient or carer to better understand the positions that are likely to reduce the risk of pressure ulcers.

This project was supported by the Health Foundation. More information is available from the PROMISE website.

Cedar's role

Cedar collaborated with Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust on PROMISE as an independent evaluation partner. The evaluation used mixed methods (quantitative and qualitative methods) to look at the impact of PROMISE on both patients and staff, how readily it was adopted, and the adaptations that were needed.

Publications and awards

Cedar's PROMISE Evaluation Report can be found HERE.

PROMISE has been shortlisted for the BJN awards 2021.

Dale M, Carolan-Rees G, Wotherspoon R, Aylward-Wotton N. Pressure Reduction through continuous pressure monitoring in the community setting. AHA Cymru, Cardiff 2019 (poster)

Aylward-Wotton N, Dale M, Wotherspoon R. Pressure Reduction through continuous pressure monitoring in the community setting. IHI conference, Glasgow 2019 (poster)