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Cardiff and Vale Rehabilitation Model: Living Well and Prepare Well (Orthopaedics)


The recently established Cardiff and Vale Rehabilitation Model was developed to support people to access rehabilitation services closer to home which support them to recover and make good choices to live well. The model takes a therapy-led approach, and comprises of five different services: Long Covid, Living Well, Prepare Well (Cancer), Prepare Well (Orthopaedics), and the Recovery and Wellbeing College. Cedar has been commissioned to evaluate two of these services: Prepare Well (Orthopaedics), and Living Well. Cedar has previously worked on an evaluation of the Long Covid programme.

Prepare Well (Orthopaedics) provides support to patients that are on an orthopaedic surgical pathway, through a 6-week group-based physical activity and education programme. It aims to enable people to be as physically well as possible, in advance of and immediately following orthopaedic surgery.

Living Well provides two sets of group-based support for people with hip and knee osteoarthritis or low back pain. The programme includes ESCAPE-Pain (a 6-week, exercise-based course) and Foodwise (an 8-week course involving dietetics advice and an active component).

Cedar’s Role

Cedar’s role is to evaluate the effectiveness of two programmes in the Rehabilitation Model: Living Well and Prepare Well (Orthopaedics). This will involve patient and staff interviews on their experiences of each service, as well as an economic analysis of the value of each service.

Infographic reports

We have designed an infographic report outlining the findings of the evaluation for both programmes in English and Welsh: