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'Adferiad' (Recovery) Long COVID Evaluation

In June 2021, the Welsh Minister for Health & Social Services announced the launch of the ‘Adferiad’ (Recovery) programme (, which allocated £5 million to the seven Local Health Boards for introducing a new suite of patient pathways combined with new/expanded primary and community rehabilitation services to support people with Long COVID.

Welsh Government has planned to review the programme every 6 months to monitor and assess the efficacy of the new services provided. Cedar and the Welsh Value in Health Centre (WViHC) have supported the Local Health Boards to respond to this request by facilitating data collection via a survey, and by providing data analysis, reporting and summary at a national level. The data collected includes patient-reported outcome and experience measures (PROMs and PREMs). A number of Local Health Boards have also commissioned Cedar to carry out additional work in the form of patient case studies, and focused reports including a social return on investment analysis.

A preliminary national evaluation report has been released by Cedar on the 14th of January 2022.

‘Adferiad’ (Recovery) Long COVID Service National Evaluation v1.3.pdf

‘Adferiad’ (Recovery) Long COVID Service National Evaluation - Welsh.docx

The report has been used by Welsh Government in their review of the Long COVID services and it has been mentioned in their web communication (

The project is ongoing and report updates will be published in the next future.