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Neuro ProActive Evaluation

The South Wales Trauma Network (SWTN)

The Neuro ProActive evaluation is part of a joint project plan developed by the Welsh Value in Health Centre (WViHC) to support the South Wales Trauma Network (SWTN) in realising its new program of work following a Value-Based healthcare approach. The program is focussed on enhancing patient rehabilitation by using digital technologies and on better understanding its outcomes by analysing TARN and PROM data.

SWTN ( was launched in September 2020 and serves the population of South Wales, West Wales and South Powys. It consists of a group of hospitals, emergency services and rehabilitation services that work together to make sure a patient receives the best care for life-threatening or life-changing injuries. Within the network there is the Major Trauma Centre (MTC, located at the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff), trauma units, local emergency hospitals and rural trauma facilities, supported by other hospitals within the region.

Neuro ProActive evaluation

An independent evaluation carried out by Cedar on behalf of the WViHC to assess the pilot implementation of the Neuro ProActive platform, used by SWTN to support patients discharged home following complex major trauma. Neuro ProActive ( is an online app-based digital platform which brings together patients, therapists and family members to co-ordinate rehabilitation and long-term management of symptoms. It has primarily been developed for neurological patients.

The evaluation is aimed at assessing whether the use of Neuro ProActive increases value across the rehabilitation and recovery pathway for patients discharged from the MTC. It will include the use of clinical staff/patient/family surveys, interviews (or focus groups) and other relevant data (e.g. from the app and from other relevant clinical sources) to assess the ability of the platform to improve care-coordination and patient experience. Furthermore, a pragmatic economic assessment will be carried out to evaluate the economic impact of using the app in comparison to standard care.

The project started in November 2021 and due to be completed in November 2022, with an interim report in July 2022.