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Moondance Cancer Initiative - Pre-release report

Moondance Cancer Initiative (MCI) is a not-for-profit company dedicated to finding solutions to help more people in Wales survive cancer. They work with the NHS to accelerate adoption of improvements to cancer services in Wales which lead to fewer deaths from cancer, with a particular focus on closing inequalities in outcomes.

Cedar's role

As part of their ‘Towards Zero Deaths from Bowel Cancer in Wales’ programme, Cedar was commissioned by MCI to conduct qualitative research which aimed to identify opportunities and actions for potential bowel cancer care improvement in Wales.

Cedar co-designed English and Welsh language surveys which were promoted on the Bowel Cancer UK website to gather feedback on care experiences and key priorities of patients who have (or have had) bowel cancer, and their family members and carers, with a total of 71 responses.

Participant experiences and potential areas for future improvement in bowel cancer care were then explored in more depth during 23 online interviews and three online focus groups consisting of 19 participants in total.

Thematic analysis of qualitative data from the interviews and focus groups was performed, and summarised in the full report below:

Click here to access the 'Towards zero deaths from bowel cancer in Wales' full report

Please note, this report is not yet publicly available

A short executive summary of the report is also available here.